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Protect ALL your passwords and sensitive information in this Password Manager with RSA encryption methods and compression. Security so strong, even the memory used by Password Crypt Professional 2004 is encrypted. Uses both a User name and Password to make your data even more secure.
Categorize your passwords the way that best makes sense for you.

Need help making "strong" passwords? Builtin password generator will help.

Any data can be copied to the clipboard. The password field will automatically clear itself from the clipboard after a user defined period of time.

1 click launch of associated URL allows you to quickly get to a website for an entry. Don't need the URL property (or any of the others)? Simply hide the property row with easy to use Right Mouse menus.

Password Crypt Professional 2004 adds many new features to Password Crypt 1.0.

    New Feature List
  • Last item selected memory
  • New User Interface
  • Faster response times
  • Encrypted memory
  • Control Fonts and Colors on the Category Tree
  • Control Fonts and Colors on the List
  • Control Fonts and Colors on the Property (entry) display
  • Choice of large or small toolbars
  • More intuitive recent file list
  • Hide entry properties that are not needed

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