Qwik Calendar - Basic

Download Qwik Calendar - Basic here or Buy online at Reg.Net.

Skycomp Systems Qwik Calendar - Basic is now Version 2!. It was developed for a single purpose: To keep from always double clicking the clock in the program tray and sometimes accidentally changing the system time. Why am I always opening the system calendar you ask? I very often need to confirm when a particular date is/was in relation to another date (day of the week etc).

This is a handy little utilty that surprises you when you start using it. Download the unregistered version and see for yourself (7 day trial). If you don't find a need for it, just uninstall it.

"I never thought of using a utility like this, but thanks to your beta version you sent me, I find it a great time saver. Thanks.

P.S. Hurry up and send me the final version :)"

Download Qwik Calendar here (7 day free trial).
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Buy online at Reg.Net.

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