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    Password Crypt Professional v 2.0
  • Modified interface (easier to manage crypt files
  • Smarter Tracking "Most Recently Used"
  • Color-coded categories and entries
  • Logic added to track user defined entry properties
  • User defined fonts
  • Set password font independent of everyting else
  • User defined Toolbar size (large or small)
    Additions to the Qwik Utilities Suite
  • Qwik Disk Stats Released!
  • Qwik File Nuke - Now under construction. Securely, and completely Erase files from your computer.
  • Qwik Password Manager
    (a "lite" verson or Password Crypt)
    New Programs
  • Data Mailer - Any Data to Email (not to be used for SPAM)
    Update Data Mailer is undergoing some changes to the design. This will help ensure that users have the best interface to develop and send emails to clients and subscribers.

    Drop me an email for the features you wish to see in the intial release. Send Email Here
    Data Mailer will allow Newsletter publishers, Marketing Departments etc to create a fully merged, and personalized, email to subscribers. The user will be required to accept the license for each time they send email stating that they are NOT sending the email unsolicited.
    Ideas Implemented
  • The Qwik Utilites in subscription form, all on 1 CD
    Nearly $80 worth of software for only $40. AND, it gets even better. As new programs are added, you get to download them for Free for 1 year from the start of your subscription. File Nuke will be added soon. This will add an additional $25.00 to the full price when purchased separately. Get the subscription and it is included as soon as it is complete. All you have to do is keep your email address with Skycomp Systems up-to-date and you will get the File Nuke unlock key with instructions for downloading.

    Start your subscription today
    Buy Now at Reg.Net

    How's it work?
    The subscription will provide the following benefits:
    • Single fee to unlock all the Qwik Utilities
    • Download new programs (as they become available)
    • Download Updates and fixes (if necessary) for existing programs
    • A newsletter specific to the programs in the Qwik Utilities
    • All the above for a period of 1 year (standard subscription length)
    • Potential discounts when renewing the subscription or volume discounts when paying for multiple years at one time
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