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Qwik Disk Stats provides a different view of your computer and hard drives than the standard Windows Explorer (tm). Qwik Disk Stats will show you how much drive space is being used by files starting from any location on the drive. Choose a path to scan, hit the scan button and wait to be amazed at what may be on your drive.

The only file information manager that shows you every level of the scan path and the sizes. You choose where to start the scan, then let Qwik Disk Scan pull the information together. Move the column headers to where they make sense for you. Sort the listing by any header and the sort is retained when you expand a folder.

Folder scans summarize the data to tell you what percentage of the drive the scanned folder occupies. Find out what is the largest complete folder on your drive by scanning from the root. Even with todays huge hard drives (maybe because of today's huge hard drive) you will be surprised to find out that your Program Files folder consumes over 50% of the used space on the drive...I was! Find out that you have 500MB of zip files downloaded from the past year of surfing the net, and that you have not accessed those zip files since you downloaded them!

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